Thursday, September 6, 2012

Steam Punk

The garden is full of magic isn't it? And yet, you can familiarize yourself with the certain types of magic you may see everyday in the garden. One gnome dreams of "what if's". What if he discovered a magical source of power? What if instead of flowers growing millimeters per day, he could use this power to grow them inches per day. What an energy source! Better yet, what if this power source was discovered over a hundred years ago. Instead of the gnomes using snails to traverse the garden, what if back then, you could harness this magical power and had steam powered snails that even flew! I bet with enough tubes, cogwheels, and inventing, he could have made it work. Putting his pocketwatch back into his vest pocket and adjusting his felt derby, he looks toward the sky. Yes, he could have invented that....

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