Saturday, September 8, 2012

Proud Scotsgnome

McScotty is proud to be a member of his giggle, he is gnever without his tartan.
While many might poke fun at his "skirt", he knows wearing a kilt proves him brave and manly. Ever since he was a young gnomeling he wanted to learn to play the music of his heritage. After all, bag pipes are his favorite sound. As you know, only a proud Scotsgnome can say that. When McScotty wasn't busy sitting on the moors or tending to the sheep, one could find him playing his pipes in the early morning mist with the sound echoing off the hills. As is gnotes filled the air, he would dream of the day when he could pick up the pipes and play for a grand joyous occasion. After many seasons of practicing and waiting, such an opportunity presented itself and he couldn't pass it up. He was invited to play his pipes at the joyous reunion of two gnomes in love! Some might question why he was asked to do so, as the groom wasn't really big into the Scottish culture and it was rumored he might gnot even like the bagpipes! However, it was the bride who insisted. McScotty didn't care about the reasons. He was just excited to finally be able to play his pipes in celebration of love!

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