Friday, September 7, 2012

The One and ONLY Bob Ross

This little gnome found his true joy: painting. He didn't always paint, but when he decided to make it his life, he was a success! Everygnome in the garden knows him by his images. By recording how to paint, any gnome in the garden could watch while painting too. His gentle voice and encouragement inspired and calmed and really helped the creativity of many gnomes. This painter's calming voice, gnot only was memorable to his audience, but he would even soothe wild critters that he had on the show with him! He believed that everyday was a good day when you painted and that it brought a lot of good thoughts to your heart. He saw the garden as a happy wonderful place and would make sure all the happy little clouds and trees made it in his paintings. He also believed while painting, there were no mistakes, only happy accidents. What a wonderful soul he was as he touched so many in the garden!

I know as a gnomeling, I would watch my dad paint while watching the program.
- Phoe-Gnix.

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