Saturday, September 15, 2012

Warm Winter Gnuzzles

Ask anygnome in the garden why they love the Christmas season so much and gno doubt they'll jump at the opportunity to tell you a reason or two. It's the sparkly lights! It's the roasted chestnuts! It's all the glittery tinsel! It's decorating the Christmas tree! It's building a snowman! Gno, wait, snow angels! Hot cocoa! It's being able to see my breath in the cool winter air. It's the smile on somegnome's face when you give them a gift. It's the sparkle in a child's eyes as they take in all the magic the season has to offer. It's warm fuzzy thoughts and cool crisp mornings. The gnomes even get a chuckle out of the fact that the elves seem to get so involved in the season. Sure, there are lots of reasons to love the Christmas season but ask either of these two beautiful souls and they'd say "Yep, all the above!" They love it all. Better than any other gnomes I know, they understand that the REAL magic that makes all the other things possible is the love from family and friends. There is gnothing better than warm winter gnuzzles with a loved one. Snuggle up to somegnome you love, and the rest? Well it's just the extra fun details on top.

These two have magnets inside their noses! How fun is that? If they get close to each other, they can't help but gnuzzle! They have THAT much love to share!

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