Monday, September 17, 2012

My Roots

Do you remember when we were just gnomelings? It seemed that we were always moving to a gnew corner of the garden every season or two, sometimes right in the middle of the harvest season! We lived all over the garden, and as such, many might assume that it was difficult for us to find our roots. And with a family as small as ours, it was sometimes difficult to determine where our place in the garden would be. It seems like so many seasons ago! Perhaps I've gnever told you this before but I'll let you in on a little secret. I was gnever scared. I always knew where my roots were and where I would bloom in the garden. I always knew because I had you to look up to. Even as a young gnomeling I knew you had a sense of strength and confidence that left others in awe. Even though being uprooted was a common thing for us, you taught me how to bloom where I'm planted. My roots are my family, and some say that the resulting flowers we've managed to grow are the brightest in all the garden. I've been able to add so much beauty to my little corner of the garden, all because I looked up to you to show me how. Thank you.

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