Monday, September 3, 2012

Squeegee and His Snails

In a secret hidden corner of the garden there lives a special Giggle of gnomes called the Gnomlins. Some say they're a cross between gnomes and goblins as they're quite mischeivious little souls. They live in forests, usually in the roots of trees and are very gnaughty. You may be surprised to hear, but Gnomlins are terrified of fairies. Fairies watch over snails and keept hem safe (snail trails are used to mend broken fairy wings, of course), and what do you suppose is a Gnomlin's vaorite thing to eat? Snails! Especially with a bit of garlic. Mmmm good. There is, however, one particularly little Gnomlin named Squeegee, who has a guilty secret - he adores snails! Like the snails from other parts of the garden in other Gnomish communities, they are his best friends. Snails make wonderful friends. They love to play chase, or give him rides. Best of all, they love to snuggle! No doubt about it, it's a friendship for the history books. Psst... I'll tell you something more. I have a hunch that little Squeegee also likes fairies but hasn't admitted to that yet. Just wait until the rest of the Gnomlin community finds out!

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