Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At the Rainbow's End

Oh my gnomes! Just look at this sporty little soul. Ever since she was a tiny gnomeling, rainbows have made her loved ones think of her. She used to love to draw rainbows for them because she knew how much everygnome loves rainbows, and putting a smile on a loved ones face would always make her feel warm and fuzzy inside. As the seasons past, she continued to seek out ways to touch the lives of her loved ones with a bit of rainbow magic. One day she saw a paricularly bright rainbow and decided to search for the pot of gold at the end. Perhaps the sparkles from the gold would make her loved ones eyes sparkle just a bit more? Off she hopped, and when she finally stumbled upon the end of the rainbow she was shocked at what she saw. The pot of gold was actually a football! In case you were gnot aware, she was mad about football and simply had to do a little happy dance. Ever since that day, her loved ones enjoy gnothing more than watching her show off her skills, each with a special twinkle of happiness in their eyes as they watch how much fun she has on the field. What a great gift she is to those who know her!

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