Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Year of the Home

Spring has come and this tiny tweet can't help but love the sights around her. She has recently decided to move her gnest to a tiny garden surrounded by a deep forest. It seemed to take such a long time and the moving process was far from easy, but she is here gnow. Surrounded by gnature that the woods provide, she loves to watch the birds gather sticks and twigs and work so hard to make their own cozy little home for their family. Perhaps it's because she also holds friends and family closest to her heart, but she thinks it's such a brilliant idea that she has decided to do the same for her gnew little home. She starts to look items that remind her of the things she loves and make her happy and look what she has found! Buttons - one for each of her gnomelings (past, present AND future). A couple twigs, swirls and hearts for the finishing touches? Oh, why gnot? It all puts a smile on her face. Soon this tiny little gnest of her is going to be the perfect home! This year is the year of the home!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful little gnomette she is and her tale is charming just like her. I hope that the Easter Bunny leaves lots of teeny tiny chocolate eggs for her in her lovely gnest, when he visits.
    Thanks for letting us meet this dear little soul.
    Warmest best wishes,