Friday, March 16, 2012

Mommy Magic

There is gno doubt that there are few things as magical as a gnewborn gnomeling. There is just something about their tiny gnoses and caps that make even the strongest of hearts melt. Even their toes seem so small! I can think of one thing more magical than a gnew baby, and that's the love that he receives from Mommy. Mommy's love might even be the most powerful force in the entire garden! It must take some powerful magic to calm even the most upset baby by a simple warm touch. To embrace a gnomeling and love him with absolute abandon - gnothing can conquer a Mommy's love. What I find the most gnomazing is that a gnomeling's possibilities are endless. There is gno telling what he may do when he grows up and finds his own place in the garden. Will he have wings to fly? Will he explore beyond the garden walls? Will he find a way to bring different Gnomish communities together? Each young soul has so much potential - they're so big in a garden that expects them to be so small, and it's a Mommy that believes in that potential first. It's her love that brings potential into reality. Magic.

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