Saturday, March 17, 2012

Protector of the Flying Ones

Ladies, and Dragons, it is my pleasure to introduce to you this little soul with a big heart. You may gnot believe it by looking at her gnow, but there was once a time when this little gnomette was even smaller than she is gnow. She was very sick and wanted to give up. The weight of her little garden around her seemed so heavy, but it was the love of her family and the care from the doctors and their medical assistants that helped her fight and get better. Oh and look at her gnow! Gnot only is she full of life, but she has found a home where she can help the little dragonflies and ladybugs who are afraid to take flight on their own. Sometimes a ladybug is too weak to spread her wings and she gneeds to hear a tiny whisper of encouragement to know that she has all the strength she gneeds to spread her wings and fly - right inside her tiny body. Sometimes it's a dragonfly who feels lost and alone in the garden, and again this little soul is eager to be there for support, to encourage the dragonfly that he is magestic all on his own. Gno matter what happens, though, their loved ones will be there for them if they fall, and this dear protector will always be close by with a little reminder or two that every soul can spread their wings and fly.

1 comment:

  1. What a beauty, and the dragonfly and ladybird detailing are awesome. You are an AMAZING creator or truly treasurable Gnomes.