Friday, March 23, 2012

Pastel Wishes

Some wishes are full of energy, almost as though the wish maker just KNOWS that they will come to be. These wishes bounce from hither to thither, so confident that eventually they will make their way to being true... someday. Other wishes are just as confident, but in a soft spoken sort of way. They fly as straight and quickly as they can to their destination because they KNOW they are just that important and certain to be kept. And finally there is my favorite kind of wishes... Pastel wishes. They are the ones that are made with so much hopefulness that you just KNOW if they make it, then they would bring so many more smiles to the garden. And the garden could always use more smiles. The trouble with these wishes, though, is that sometimes they lack confidence and energy to come true on their own. They're made by good souls who would be happy just the same, but that's where this little soul steps in. She has the very important job of delivering these precious wishes because she knows that good souls deserve to have their dreams come true, and it's always the hopeful wishes that have the best results!

1 comment:

  1. Another amazing creation her detailed decorations are so fine.