Monday, March 12, 2012

Four Elements

In many Gnomish communities, the elements are very important. They certainly deserve a lot of respect. When the gnomes come together in a circle to cast good wishes and happy thoughts onto each other, the elements are essential. They have an important job to do - they have to protect the happy thoughts from gnegative influence entering the sacred Gnomish circle. Earth is responsible for grounding, solidity - the balance to keep the gnomes in check so they don't venture too far into any one state of mind. Air is responsible for creativity, thinking and helps the gnomes to let their imaginations soar upon the winds like a bird in flight. Water rules the emotions, the fluidity of love, tears, and everything in between. She helps guide the emotions that pour out of each tiny soul like a free-flowing river and into the hearts of others around them. Fire is passion - gnot just passion of the heart, but the passion that motivates the gnomes to have the courage of their convictions to make the garden a prettier place. The four elements are all connected - one can gnot exist without the other, and together the elements bring life to the garden.

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  1. These four little guys are super cutie pies and such sweet individuals. Jennifer your are one amazing lady. Each and everyone of your darling gnomes never cease to make me smile and giggle with glee. They are all so precious. Thank you for making Gniffers Gnomes such a treat and special place to visit.
    Thank you sooooo much for sharing them all for us to see and meet.