Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Cheer

If you ever find yourself lucky enough to see this little lady perform, you would be surprised to know she is quite a shy little thing. She has always been shy around other gnomes, but when she's performing in front of the entire gnome community, is as though it doesn't even bother her. She absolutely loves to tumble and do summersaults and is particularly proud of the trophies she has received for her hard work. In fact, for an entire week after being presented with her beloved trophy, she carried the new treasure around with her and was even caught sleeping with her arms securely wrapped around it. This little bit of good cheer has so much personality, even when she's gnot performing, that it's easy to see why she is so loved. You can't help but smile at how often she wants to change her outfit. Gnever quite sure if she wants to be frilly or comfy, she seems to change her mind half a dozen times a day! And oh where she got her love for shoes is still a mystery to me. One thing for certain, though, is that the garden could use more cheer like hers!

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