Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Pink Marine

When she was a tiny gnomeling, this beautiful soul loved to put on pretty bows and flowers to pretend she was a real princess but that doesn't mean she let it stop her from having the REAL fun. If there were frogs to be caught, she was the first to stomp her pretty shoes into the mud without a second thought. She could chase after dragonflies faster than most of the other gnomelings in the garden. She may have dressed up in foofs and frills, but she could keep up with any of the rough housing that the other young gnomes would do. She has always been such an energetic little sprite and if anygnome doubted her ability to do something, she would take it as a challenge and prove, not to them, but to herself that she could do the same thing better and faster. That's gnot to say she isn't a princess. Oh My Gnomes! She is princess to her tiny core. After all, a TRUE princess can protect those in the garden around her and be a real hero... she just knows how to do so in style.

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