Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Forever Friends

Sometimes you might think that these two gnomelings are quite different. One is just a wee shy while the other loves to be the center of attention. One is quite eager to have things her way, but the other puts her sweet-talking skills into action to obtain any desired results. To say that they're opposites, though, doesn't do justice to the magical bond that they have. These two souls also have a lot in common. They love to have adventures together, whether that be flips and spins under a stary sky or dancing with the butterflies, they're always by each other's side. One of their most beloved things to do is to go on a hunt for buried treasure, which almost always means they need to use their swords to defend their newly found riches. Oh and forts! Don't forget the forts! And fairies! Fairies can live in forts, right? Right. Let's go! There is gno doubt in my mind that these two sisters have what it takes to be forever friends.

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