Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wee Astro-gnomer

This tiny fella is a wonderfully creative little gnomeling. He loves to know how things work and dreams of ways to make them work better! He is constantly collecting treasures, whether it be pine cones or even bottle caps. He knows what's really valuable in the garden around him. He has always been good with words and loves to see them flow in a good story. This tiny soul has tenacity! Gno matter what challenge comes his way, every morning he gets up ready to tackle another day with a smile on his face. It seems like he learns something gnew every day. Most recently, he has been exploring the galaxy, learning all about super-gnovas, rockets, planets and even different kinds of stars! There is so much more beyond the garden wall than anygnome can possibly imagine, and he wants to learn about it all! Perhaps one day, while reaching for the stars, he'll actually be able to catch one! If anygnome can do it, he can.

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