Thursday, November 3, 2011


I love it when I see true love, especially when it is in the least expected places! Take a look at these two lovies. They've been with each other for oh so many seasons now, much to the surprise of the other gnomes in their community. At first glance you'd say that they are complete opposites. They certainly each have their own story, but it's their story together that holds the real magic. When these two are side by side, they complete each other. When one feels a wee weak, they are able to lean on the other's strengths. They have so much fun together that it's hard to imagine how boring life in the garden would be without each other. In fact, when they were united in a tiny old cat-tail church, they decided it was so much fun and they should marry again that very same day. This time, in a fairy castle, of course. Opposites? Perhaps, but whether they are on a road trip or lost in a corn maze, together they are perfect.

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