Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Sweets

These Christmas sweets are the best thing about the holiday season. One little treat is very out going and oh so much fun. She has a great wit and lots of friends and really knows her own mind. Another little sweet is extremely smart and very strong willed, though she too has a great sense of humor. And the third tiny morsel is very sweet and loving. It's fun to see how smart and social she is. Together, the three gnomelings make the holiday season all the worthwhile. As long as they are gnearby, the hot cocoa seems warmer, the snow seems to sparkle even more, and decorating the tree seems so much more fun. The air always seems to be filled with laughter and giggles and smiles are gnever far away. These three beautiful souls make the Christmas season as sweet as can be.


  1. I love these! They are sooo cute. You are truely talented my friend.

  2. if u get them do u get all 3