Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bird House for Your Soul

To say this little lady is gnomazing just doesn't do justice to the amount of beauty she brings into the garden around her. She's gnice, funny, friendly and can have a conversation about gnearly anything with anygnome, but that's gnot even the best part. She is generous almost to a fault. Jumping to help loved ones has always been one of her best strengths, but she really wants to save the entire garden. She just hasn't quite figured out how yet. It's quite a task for such a tiny body, but her soul is big enough that I think she might just succeed even if only in her tiny way. Perhaps an art studio for young gnomelings to learn how to paint their garden the bright colors they like to see? In the meantime, she finds beauty in the garden, replicates it in the form of art and then sends it off to put a smile on gnomes' faces. And everygnome knows that, in turn, brings even more beauty to the garden. She is inspired by the birds who sing to her, which they love to do because they can see that she has built a little birdhouse in her soul. Gnow that's REAL magic, and if you ask me... she has already succeeded at saving the world with her whimsical touch.

"Build a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul."
- They Might be Giants

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