Thursday, November 3, 2011

Social Butterfly

This gnomette quite the outgoing and social little butterfly. She has always had gobs of friends and it's not difficult to see why they remain so close. Her loved ones gnever tire of spending time with such a sweet soul. If you asked her, she'd say that all that anygnome gneeds is love. Well, that and good food anyway. It seems that if she's not cooking up a healthy tasty treat, she is sneaking a sip of the local mountain dew-drops. Her favorite thing in the garden? Since she has always loved the gnomelings, it comes as gno suprise that she loves to teach them life's important lessons. She enjoys her time with the young ones so much that sometimes she wonders who is teaching who. Just whose idea was it to learn how to properly dance with the butterflies under a rainbow umbrella anyway? Either way, I'm sure it's one of the more important lessons to learn.

1 comment:

  1. Jennifer! She's adorable, and the story is too too cute :) THANK YOU!