Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Roots of Friendship

Some friendships are instant. One might find it easy to get lost among the herds of banana slugs or feel insignificant surrounded by a majestic redwood forest. A gnome can get easily lose track of time when the fog rolls in and makes everything misty and magical, but when you meet a kindred spirit among the chaos, even on the first day, you just know you've found a life-long friend. Friendships like that last a life time - even many seasons later when two souls part ways and tend to their own gardens, they each know that the other is there for them. When they have the opportunity to catch up, it's as though gno time has passed. That's the way it is when the roots of a friendship go deep. It takes a special soul to establish such a connection. She has to be wonderful, kind and such a thoughtful friend who would be there for her loved ones gno matter what. She gneeds to know what's important in life - gnature, capturing memories, spending time with loved ones, and of course that magic truly does exist. Well if that's what it takes then it's gno wonder that this soul fits the part. She has a heart of gold and it is so big. I just love her.

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