Sunday, August 21, 2011


Oh my gnomes! This little fella is so excited, I think he's actually sparkling! Why is he filled with so much excitement? Is it because he has is in a garden far away, helping those in gneed? No, but that does fill him with pride. Is it because he knows his love back home is doing a fantastic job of tending to his little garden? No, but that does fill him with admiration. Is it because his two little gnomelings are growing each day into souls with beautiful personalities? No, but that does fill him with love. Though all those things bring a smile to his face, it's the fact that soon he will be able to return home and hug his love that has him all giddy with excitement. He might even be a little gnervous, but he has his red flowers ready to give to the most wonderful gnomette he has ever met. He hopes she knows just how much love his little soul has for her, as he knows that even from afar, he is the luckiest gnome in the entire garden.

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