Friday, August 26, 2011

Gniffer's Helper

Once upon a time there lived a humble girl who did not think she made much of a difference in the world around her. Oh, sure her friends and family loved her very much, but she wanted to be able to accomplish more. And so, with the support of her love, she went out to save the world one penny at a time. It made her happy to help those who gneeded it most, but she wanted more. Then one day she discovered a talent that brought smiles to many faces in her life. She quickly got to work, striving to maximize the smileage across the world that she could obtain. She was told that she was making a real difference, bringing sunshine to every corner of the garden, but she wanted more. There really is only so much one soul can do, and so she deserves a little helper - a gnome who can be supportive and help in anyway her tiny talents can. Meet Gniffer's helper.

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