Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Friend For Millie

Meet Millie the magical cardinal gnome. For a gnomeling as tiny as she is, she sure does live big! When she laughs big, the whole garden is a joyous place and the stars twinkle just a little brighter. Every gnome in the garden just loves to be around her and listen to her talk about her big adventures. She has a lot of those because she's very good at things like remembering everything she sees in the garden and swimming in the nearby water hole. This is why she has the very important job of taking care of the cardinals, she loves to watch them fly and she can train them to do all kinds of magical things. Perhaps one day she'll learn how to be a cardinal herself? Sometimes Millie can't help but feel mad or sad when she disagrees with somegnome, and even though she really tries to stay peaceful, she can feel so lonely at times. Do you want to know what she really needs? Millie needs a friend who will be with her always, who will take her on adventures during the daytime and snuggle with her at gnight. Could you be Millie's special gnomey friend? You can tell her whenever somegnome makes you mad or sad and she will always listen and understand you. You can squeeze her tight until you feel peaceful again (Don't worry she's a tough little gnomeling, it won't hurt). Then you and Millie and the cardinals can fly off for more fun adventures together. She would love a friend who she could keep safe day and gnight. At gnight, she loves to watch over her friends as they gnod away to dreamland, and if it looks as though a bad dream starts to threaten her friend's happy dreams then she's right there to help! The cardinals chase the bad dreams away from dreamland, then Millie whispers sweet gnothings into her friend's ear, oh so lightly, which makes a smile appear on her friend's face. All is bright and sunny and safe once more in Dream Land. Would you be Millie's special gnomey friend?

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