Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Big Sister

Don't let this little sweetheart fool you, she's a sly one I tell you. She has always been so daring and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. If you're missing something then she probably has it and chances are she's not supposed to. For somegnome who is constantly doing what she shouldn't be, she sure does put a smile on your face and makes your heart sing! And if you thought she was hard to keep track of, just look at what is in store for you now! This sweet little thing is now a big sister! Oh how exciting! This little prankster of a gnomeling has a new partner in crime. Though she is always so helpful and knows just how to make her baby smile (a teddy bear is always a good start), you just know that she is already forming plans for sibling adventures in the future. She's sure to get both her and her baby sister into bushels of trouble! Oh let the fun begin!

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