Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the Gnavy

Just look at the pride that this little Flip fella has! If you were to ask him, I think he would say that there are two things he knows for certain. 1. His many seasons in the Gnavy have given him a sense of pride that gnognome can ever take away. And 2. He loves his daisy-loving gnomette with all his heart. She knew he was her love from the moment her eyes connected with his, and her love has remained true ever since. Some seasons were more difficult than others, as he often went to help others across the big blue river, gnot to mention gneeding to move from garden to garden on many occasions. Through it all, they even managed to fill a gnest and raise two beautiful souls! Yet he has gnever doubted their love. They may be complete opposites, but the two love gnomes know that there is gno more fun way to grow old than with each other.

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