Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crab Apple

Oh wormy apples! This sour little fella seems to be as crabby as can be! Why, I am not sure. Perhaps he did not get enough snooze time? Maybe he just needs to fill his tummy with more berries? Or perhaps he's just tired of tripping over his feet! They are gnomatic, aren't they? Whatever the reason may be, this crab apple needs your help and quick! What can you do to cheer him up? Sing a happy song? Tell him a gnometastic joke? Give both him and his pet worm a tasty treat? Compliment him on his nose? Do something nice for him like help tie his shoes? Think fast! The quicker we can lift his spirits, the faster the garden will return to a sunny cheerful place!

PERSONAL GNOTE: Believe it or not I actually forgot to take a photo of this fella before sending him away to his gnew home, so I just reposted a photo of my original Crab Apple as he is very similar.

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