Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bushels of Hope

Sometimes it's hard to understand why things are they way they are. Sometimes it seems to make no sense and there seem to be so many more questions than answers. In such confusing times sometimes all you need is a little more Hope. That's where this family of angels come in. Together these tiny beings have one of the biggest jobs in the garden. They flutter around looking for a perfect family to help, one who needs a word or two of encouragement. They have now found a beautiful family in need of their tiny positive thoughts and they quickly get to work. The daddy angel looks over one of the most wonderful daddies in the world, reminding him that he's not alone. The mommy angel stays by the beautiful mommy's side, reminding her that she has all the courage she needs inside. And the baby angel? Well she has the best job ever! She gets to play with the precious little girl! She knows how to be brave when the little girl is scared. She knows it’s ok to cry sometimes. She also knows it’s ok to laugh and play, even when a girl misses her daddy. Everyone is looking forward to throwing a big homecoming party when Daddy gets better. In the end it comes down to one thing: Hope. And this tiny family has bushels of that - plenty to go around!

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