Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Family for Millie

Millie just adores her family. She knows that they are the perfect family for her. Her Mommy is special because she's a REAL doctor and knows just how to make things better. Millie is so proud of her mommy because she knows that Mommy helps sick gnomes feel better. She also gives the best hugs! Millie's daddy is great too. He is so silly and knows the secret to getting lots of giggles out of little ones. Daddy is so helpful and together they build lots of fun stuff. He likes to teach her how to do things, just like he teaches his students at the local garden school. Last but not least is Baby Joy. Joy is so lucky to have Millie as a big sister! Millie always knows the best ways to make Joy laugh and smile. She also is really good at giving Baby Joy hugs and kisses. Sometimes when Millie is mad at Mommy and Daddy, she can talk to Joy and tell her why she's sad. It helps Millie to stay peaceful. Together Millie and her family like to do things like watch the cardinals and other bright birds in the yard and make each other laugh. Millie just loves her family so much and can't imagine a better one in the entire garden! She knows her family is proud of her too. They miss each other when they're apart but they always keep kisses in their heart. Millie knows it can be hard when you're apart from your family. That's why she wants to share her family with you. Her mommy and daddy will watch over you and love you until your family is all together again. These special cardinal gnomes can even use their magical cardinals to send messages to your family far away. Whisper your message to them and they will fly to take them to your family. Then the magical cardinals will fly back to you with messages of hugs and kisses to let you know you will see them again soon. Millie is so happy to share her family and their magical cardinals with a special friend like you.

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