Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dragon Whisperer

Chances are you do not believe in the magic of dragons, but everygnome in the community knows better. They know that just like other mystical creatures such as unicorns or fairies, dragons are as real as any gnome in the garden. And oh my gnomes, are they to be respected! No other creature embodies such a balance between destroyer and creator - so wise they must be to handle such responsibility! If you're like most adults, you have long ago lost hope to catch a glimpse of this powerful magic, but that is why this little fella is here to help. Meet the Dragon Whisperer. No soul has ever had such a sacred connection with the grand beasts and is he. I'm sure he will catch a dragon for you in no time, even if just for long enough to capture some of their wisdom and prosperity to pass on to you before releasing the beast once more.

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