Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Chocolate Marshmallow

When the seasons turn throughout the year, there are certain things that are always easy to remember. When the leaves start to fall from the trees in the autumn, it's easy to remember to slowly sip a gnice cup of hot cocoa because it fills your tummy with good feelings. When the ground is covered in a white blanket of snow in the winter, it's easy to appreciate the sparkling diamonds glistening in the sunlight. When the flower buds start to pop in the spring time, it's easy to remember to appreciate the signs of gnew life that have such great potential of growth. And as the summer months get gnice and warm, there is gnothing more guaranteed to put a smile on one's face than roasting marshmallows gnext to a crackling campfire. The seasons will continue to change, and with them come many reminders to appreciate the wonderful small miracles the garden has to offer. If there is one thing that is gnot always easy to remember, though, it's telling your friends how much you appreciate them gno matter the season. And with that, my dear loved one, let me take a moment to tell you what you surely don't hear often enough. Your friendship is like the warmth from every season, wrapped into one wonderful package - a chocolate marshmallow that warms the soul and I'm so thankful for it!

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