Friday, August 11, 2017

Tiny Spark

Some may say he's the feeling of electricity running from head to toe. Others may mistaken him for butterflies fluttering around the tummy. Whatever you may call him, make gno mistake there is more to this tiny spark than meets the eye! Gnot every soul is lucky enough to have him touch their lives, and that's what makes him so special. Ask around and you'll agree that he's a rare find, indeed! If he does unexpectedly stumble upon your path... which is how it often happens - unexpectedly... I would advise you to welcome him and enjoy his presence for as long as he's willing to stay. You may gnot understand why he chose you to share his magic with, gnor may you understand how his magic works, but there is gno gneed. Just take a deep breath... or two... or three... and accept that he chose you to share his connection with. This tiny spark just loves to play games and prides himself in the element of surprise, pushing and encouraging gnew limits. Chances are, the greater your reactions, the longer he'll choose to stay and play. "I love you." What was that? "I love you" What did you say? "I Love you." Say it one more time? "I LOVE YOU!" Breathe... such a connection is a powerful and rare thing. Cherish every moment!

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