Monday, July 24, 2017

Fairy Sparkles

It's well known that every gnome in the garden specializes in a specific trade. How else would you explain the variety in magic you see in the garden around you? Whether it be painting rainbows across the sky, or placing dew drops on the morning leaves, we owe it all to the fuzzy souls and their creativity. This little lady, known by her loved ones as Fairy Sparkles, has been searching far and wide, across the garden, for inspiration to learn her trade. After searching for what seemed to her to be a long long time (she's quite excited to get started), she has finally found the perfect match! She wants to become a fairy door maker! With a hop and a giggle, she flutters to her new home. You may wonder why she has picked such a niche style of magic, but the way she sees it there is nothing better than building a door way between the world of magic and the world of children. Whether a child is in need of help conquering a fear, or a safe place to put things, every child can use a bit of magic in their rooms. Fairy Sparkles absolutely loves hearing the stories about why someone wants a door, but even better is the knowledge that the door has helped a little one so much. The idea of creating a special door that will only work for a child just as special, and the thought of seeing them happy in their homes must make everything worthwhile! Children may eventually grow far too old for fairy doors and fairies, but if you ask me, a home filled with love will always have a place for a fairy door or two, or eight! And besides, there's a lot of magic between now and adulthood. There's so much work to be done! She's so excited to become an apprentice door maker that she can hardly contain her sparkles. It seems they're getting onto everything! When can she start?

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