Monday, August 7, 2017

Addie's Bob (age 7)

Hello I am Bob, and all that and all that. Blah blah blah. But who cares? This is about my story, not just about me. As you can tell, I'm an alien. Or am I a monster? I suppose that's up to you to decide. As you're thinking about it, I'll continue with my story. I'm a monster and I lived with all my other fellow monsters, all of which were very hairy. But I think I am the cleanest of the bunch! I always brush my teeth, comb my furry body and wash my hands. In spite of this, I was lonely even with all my sisters and brothers around me - 1,592 in total! So I set of into the forest to start looking for friends. I was thinking of names along the way. Maybe Violet? Or perhaps Fluffy? As I was thinking, I got so distracted that I accidentally bumped into a few rocks and trees. Ouch! After that, I started focusing and set off in a direction that a bunny suggested I take... Left to be exact. I kept on going straight, looking at my feet while I walked, one step in front of another. Then I saw a huge set of footprints and I followed them. Eventually, I bumped into a big leg! The big creature turned around and said, "Hello, I am Addie. Will you please be my friend?" Of course, you know my answer... Yes! You may say that Addie is a cute child with huge eyes, but I say she's the biggest monster of all! We're going to have quite the adventure together!

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas.

This is what Bob looked like before I made him fuzzy.

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