Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ellie's Half-Cater (age 10)

The half-cater started out as just an ordinary monster. He was a kind and funny monster who loved to laugh about silly things like chickens. He especially loved cats. However, deep down he was lonely and he wanted a best friend. One day he meet a fairy out in the woods. The fairy had lost her wand and she couldn't find it anywhere! Even though the half-cater had only one eye, he was very good at searching for things. He found her wand in an instant! The fairy was so impressed that she granted him one wish. With such a tough decision, he had to think about it at first. He wanted a cat but he was not sure if his fellow monsters would approve. After giving it some thought, the next day he had made up his mind. He was going to ask the fairy to transform him into a monster-cat. He thought this was a good idea because cats ALWAYS find friends. And he was right! The next day he was wondering in the woods thinking about the friend we was sure to find, when he found a giant named Ellie. He thought they would be best friends so he asked her if she would be his friend. Of course, she said yes! She, too, loved to laugh at chickens! Besides, how can one say "no" to someone as cute as he? And they have been together ever since.

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas

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