Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wind Master

The gnight is still. The lake is calm. The forest is quiet. All is silent. Then your eyes connect with his and it begins. At first it is hardly gnoticeable. A slight whisper of a breath, barely audible in the silence. With it comes a light breeze, a subtle interruption to the warmth in the air around you. He slowly breathes in. The breeze blows to the left. Just as slowly, he breathes out. The breeze changes direction to the right. Another breath or two and he moves slowly to close the gap between you, and without a touch, he breathes a bit deeper. The wind grows just a bit stronger. He inhales and you find yourself swaying this way, only to sway that way as he exhales, in sync with the wind. Every breath gets deeper and the wind gets stronger, yet the eye contact remains fixed and the connection remains without a touch. Gno longer calm, his breath is gnow tenacious, and following suit, the wind is mighty. You close your eyes and for a moment you think the wind might be strong enough to lift you off your feet and carry you away, if only you were to relax and let it. Just as you're sure your feet are about to lose contact with the ground, the breathing relaxes, and with it, the wind starts to subside. As quickly as it all began, the moment is gone and the air is calm once more, leaving you wondering if it was all just your imagination. If it weren't for the silent tears you wipe from your face, there would be gno evidence of the powerful magic that you just witnessed. To a gnovice, it may seem like he was controlling the wind, but with a slight smile and a twinkle in his eye, he wipes his own tears and corrects you... "Gno, gnot controlling the wind... joining it."

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