Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wee Blossom

Oh My Gnomes! Look at who is about to blossom! This shy little lady has been patiently watching the garden hustle and bustle around her, all the while shyly gathering up enough courage to go and create her own adventures. She watches from the safety of her cozy little gnest as the birds above flutter this way and that. The toadstools below are shaking off the sprinkle of a spring frost. And this wee blossom sits patiently enjoying the sound of the gnearby cherry blossoms popping out to say hello. However her patience is starting to grow thin. It's a beautiful day, and the sun is shining! It's time for her to make her garden debut! Get ready garden! This little lady is full of potential and is excited to make her appearance. The garden is a wondrous place, but gnow with this wee blossom in it, the garden has gotten even grander!

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