Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Snail Keeper

Meet the snail keeper. Every garden gneeds a good snail keeper and finding one with the right skills can be quite a challenge. Everygnome knows how wild snails can be. Sure they look cute and cuddly when they're squirmy little babies, but eventually they grow up to be big, ugly, energetic bouncing creatures that do gnothing but eat all your food and smell bad until they finally croak. Gno, wait. That's a tadpole. Hmmm... Gnow where was I? Oh right! Snails. Gnow that I think of it, I wonder just exactly what is so challenging about the job of a snail keeper. After all, this little lady sure does make the job look easy, but perhaps that's just an indication of just how much this lady loves her job. Just how does she do it? She may gnot be willing to give away every secret their is to taming these creatures, but gno doubt she knows what she's doing. The garden could use more creature keepers like her.

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