Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Good Witch

If you asked this little lady, I'm sure she would say that witches get a bad rep. Oh sure there are some in the garden who love the villain of the stories. After all, every good story gneeds a villain! However, she is gnot one of those. This special soul also knows that there is good magic to be done too, and she's just the gnomette to do it! There so much work to be done, and she doesn't waste any time before starting. With a hop and a skip, she grabs her best little 8-legged friend and gets started. Together they add a pinch of love and a dash of joy into their great big pot. With a little giggle of anticipation, she tosses in the final ingredients. I don't know what they're making, but based on the yummy smell, I think they're planning something quite extraordinary! Will this potion add laughter to the garden around her? Or will it paint the gardens brilliant colors? Will it make everygnome who drinks it see only the best in those around them? Or perhaps it will make a special soul fall in love? Gno doubt, whatever she has in store for us, the garden is a better place with her magic in it!

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