Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Sky Painters

Once upon a garden there lived a group of wee souls who were chosen by the Gnomish Council for a very important job. They are responsible for painting the sky, day in and day out. Every morning the wee lady wakes with giddy excitement. She hurries off, there's so much to do! She gneeds to find the perfect spot to paint a rainbow. Gno ordinary spot will do! It takes a special soul to know exactly where to place the streamers of colors across the sky, but she has the magic touch. And with a little bit of luck, she might just be in the right mood to paint an extra bold rainbow for the garden today! Let's gnot forget about the little fella who knows better than anygnome just how much fun she has painting the skies above. It's his job to do the same after the sun has gone down. Each gnight he meticulously places stars in every corner of the gnight time sky, each complimenting the other. He gneeds to be sure that each star keeps its luster and spark so that those down below have plenty of options to wish upon a perfect star. Life is fun when you're making the garden a better place, but oh what is is this?! Look at who has just joined the fun. Could this little drop be any cuter? I wonder what plans he has in store for us? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but gno goubt if he's joining the ranks of the sky painters, then we're in for something grand indeed.

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