Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunflower Love

There once lived a little dragon who was in search of a place to call home. He searched and searched with very little success. Some places were too dark, but that would not do because this dragon was always looking towards the sun. Some places were too cold and stale, but the dragon knew she needed a warm and cozy place to hibernate for the winter. As his search progressed, one might think he would start to lose hope in finding the perfect home, but the dragon was brave. He never doubted. He knew that the magic would be there. He just had to keep looking for it. Then one bright and sunny autumn day he met a little girl and within minutes he knew he was home. The sunflower girl was always bright and cheerful, only seeing the best in those around her. It was apparent that she was always looking for ways to make her loved ones smile. She loved to give great big bear hugs and often wore her prized bear hat whenever she got sleepy enough to hibernate for a nap. And most importantly, the girl believed in magic. Whether it be knowing that a simple rock holds enough magic for good luck, declaring a windy path as "the pathway of happy" or creating a family of pine cone friends, the girl's imagination had no end. It didn't take long for the little dragon to know that this brave girl could give him the perfect home, and when she saw the dragon, her face lit up like the sunshine. It was love at first sight for the Sunflower Girl with the heart of a bear and the soul of a dragon. The dragon found what he was looking for. A place to call home and a kind soul to share it with him.

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