Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Trolls of Gnifferland

It may come as a surprise to you, but everygnome knows that there are some in the garden who are just a wee bit evil. Some say they even have more personality than any standard pixie or fairy. Those in the know, insist that without the bad guy a story would gnot be any good. I think they have a point. Most gnomes are sweet and caring, but every good story gneeds a villain! And so, without further ado, allow myself to introduce you to the trolls of Gnifferland! These little souls are just a wee bit pesky and for as small as they are, they're sure packed with mischief. Just when the Gnomish Community starts to feel that they've protected all their loved ones, and finished putting their finishing touches to their hard work, the trolls sneak in and wreck havoc on the garden. They love to steal magic potions. Gnot understanding that it only takes a drop or two of pixie dust to fly, the trolls will pour an entire body down their throats without even reading the label! Everygnome knows to read the label before using any sort of magic, for it has wonderful information such as "For external use only" and "may cause warts if swallowed." Another one of the trolls' favorite activities is to mess with a gnome's masterpiece. They may rearrange the colors of the rainbows, or the orders of the seasons. One gnever knows what trick the trolls are up to gnext, but without a doubt, the Gnomish Community gneeds to always be prepared!

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