Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wee Hero

What is a hero? Those in the gnome community know exactly what a hero is. A hero is the bravest of the brave. He's a soul, big or small, who is there when you really gneed them. Despite all the odds, they always have a helping hand, kind word or even a good snuggle for you. Heroes can be anygnome who picks you up when you are down, somegnome who gives you strength and courage when you are weak or scared. They spread hope. A hero is gnot made with money, power, athltetic ability or physical appearance. A hero is made just by being bigger than their little bodies may seem, somegnome who cares more about others than themselves. They strive to gnot only keep their loved ones safe, but keep strangers safe as well. Sometimes they risk their lives to save others, but sometimes they're just a humble caring hand. A hero is sure to have one thing - a warm and loving heart. Their positivity, generosity and kindness is so inspirational. Heroes are unique souls indeed. Thank you for being you.

This little gnome was made in memory of the victims of the 7/20 shootings in Aurora, Colorado during a Dark Knight movie showing, and as a little "thank you" to all the emergency responders who helped that day. The "720" on the hat represents not only the date that the sad events took place, but is also one of the area codes for phone numbers in the Denver area. It seemed fitting.

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