Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Blue

If you had asked me before the changing of the seasons about the rare blue apple witch gnome I would have looked at you in confusion. Yet look at this little blue! Right before your eyes stands the most unique gnome I think I have ever met in the garden. Is she a blue gnome, an apple or a witch? Yes to all the above. She's an old fashioned little witch who loves books, bears, writing and green tea, but get a cup of coffee close to her and she starts to tremble with fear. She may gnot be gnormal but she certainly is magical and reminds those around her that magic exists everywhere. Countless seasons ago, Little Blue fell in love with a completely unmagical gnome. She just fell in love and did everything to show him how love should look like... it should look like the color blue, of course. As time passes, he is always so thankful for the magic that she has brought into their garden. Some of it has even rubbed off on him as he gnow loves a gnew color... blue.

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