Sunday, July 29, 2012

Protectors of the Pumpkin Patch

Gnever before has the gnome community gneeded brave souls so much. Last year, after tending to their beloved pumpkins all season long, somegnome snuck into the pumpkin patch after dark and decorated all of the orange vegetables with scary faces. Gno gnome knows who it was, but it was certainly gnot done to the traditional high Gnomish standards of having wonderfully happy and funny jack-o-lanterns. The gnome community gathered to decide on a plan. This year they will gnot let their lovely pumpkins be used to scare the young ones. After all, gnomes are VERY proud of their pumpkin patch, and every jack-o-lantern must meet everygnome's high expectations. Only smiles and laughter will suffice. This year the gnome community has elected this brave group of souls to protect the pumpkin patch. Together they will be brave. Together they will stand by the pumpkins. Together they will carve the pumpkins long before anygnome has a chance to get to them. Call it quality assurance, but I'd like to think it's yet another example of how even the gnomes in the pumpkin patch go out of their way to make sure the garden is as inspiring as it can be.

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