Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pokey and Her Gnew Pet

Meet little Pokey. For as long as she can remember, she has begged her parents to get a pet, and not just any pet, mind you. She's not interested in owning an ant because everygnome has an ant - how boring. Those who don't have ants, usually have a flea - yuck. Oh, no siree, Pokey wants a gnometastic pet and she knows just the right kind... a snail! Well no wonder her parents are hesitant! Everygnome knows how wild a snail can be. Sure they look cute and cuddly when they're squirmy little babies, but eventually they grow up to be big, ugly, energetic bouncing creatures that do nothing but eat all your food and smell bad until they finally croak. No wait, that's a tadpole. Hmmm... now where was I? Oh right, a snail? Uh... Umm... sure why not?

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