Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hippie Beauty

This little lady loves being a hippie. She loves to live our her life of peace in the garden where you won't ever hear her praise her own lifestyle or cut down on onother gnome's lifestyle. Instead, she respects the garden and will do what she can to help all the flowers grow and encourage them to show their true colors. Even though she is full of bright colors herself, she knows being a hippie is more than the flowers she wears. It's her peaceful, and respectful attitude! The garden has come to know her as quite the motherly gnome. They know she will always be there for the other gnomes and listen if they ever want to talk. She loves making sure that there is always peace and love to be found! She always strives to tend to her friendships, while still remaining true to herself. Being a hippie is a way of life. It's the spirit of love and belief, gnot just a label. It's beauty and the knowledge of what beauty is. Speaking out for what she believes in? Gnow that is the true beauty!

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