Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lovable & Magnificent

Let's see... My best friend is Lovable, at least that's what her loved ones have come to know her as. Personally, I couldn't agree more. From the moment I first met her, we were instant best friends forever. For many seasons we were inseparable, but then life in the garden happens and we followed our separate paths through the garden. Though we gnow live in different corners of the garden, we have remained the closest of friends. Seasons can and do go by without us seeing each other, but there is gno doubt that we are there for each other. Conversations pick up after many moons of gnot speaking, and it always feels like we just saw each other. I happen to think she is the strongest, most beautiful gnomette I have ever met. She is a loved by all those around her and I still strive to be half as good a mommy as she. As for me? My loved ones call me Magnificent, which always makes me blush. It's easy being Magnificent in my little garden, knowing that she's smiling at me from hers.

This set was made for two best friends. One's name means "Lovable" and the other's name means "Magnificent." How fun is that?

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