Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Wee Lady's Ladybugs

Everyone knows that ladybugs love being around those who are caring, giving and above all else, gracious. They thrive on such uplifting energy. But there's something else about them that you may not know - they LOVE tagging along for an adventure! And the best kinds of adventures, in their not-so-humble opinions, are the walk-about kinds. These are the kinds of adventures you take when you don't know where you're going, but you just know you have to walk, just soaking in your surroundings. And sometimes, if the ladybugs get lucky, you'll stop for the night, set up camp and listen to the breeze in the trees and watch the stars up above. Well, it no wonder that the little ladies love this little lady gnomette. She obviously has all these traits and then some. Shhh! Listen! You can barely hear the ladybugs saying, "We (heart) her!" Aww... shucks!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gentle as a Leaf

There is nothing as uplifting as a leaf dancing in the wind. If you happen to notice one gliding gracefully in the breeze, you can't help but put a smile on your face, no matter what else is going on around you. Leaves are also so gentle that if one happens to touch you, it feels like a tiny embrace reminding you that you are loved. And now look at this little lady... What does she remind you of? Do you see what is happening? The lady bugs can't stop tickling her! They must think that she is a leaf, which means only one thing. She is bright and uplifting and has a gentle cheerful soul. She is such a delight to be around that even the ladybugs can't get enough of her! Oh, do come share your cheer with me, little lady!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Home Task Force

Some daddies are special. They go to faraway lands to help other people. They miss their families at home very much… So the gnome community created a highly skilled Home Task Force to take care of these families. Only the gentlest, noblest gnomes are chosen for such an important job. Oh, they love the families they keep company! They know how to be brave when their family is scared. They know it’s ok to cry sometimes. They also know it’s ok to laugh and play, even when a girl misses her daddy. And best of all, they always work in pairs: a Home Gnome takes care of the family, and a Traveler Gnome goes with Daddy to the faraway land. Everyone’s favorite day is when Daddy comes home, and they can all be together again!

Sergeant Gned is so excited – he just found out he gets to be Home Gnome for little Maddison!! He has a special place in his heart for her, and was hoping to be the gnome who got to take care of her.

This little lady is so happy to have been chosen for the Traveler Gnome position. She can't wait to listen to Daddy's stories about his little girl. How fun!

These little gnomes are a PERFECT example of why I love making these guys! How sweet is it that a little girl gets to hold a Daddy gnome while her real Daddy goes off and saves the world? And her Daddy gets to take one with him too! I LOVE it! Thanks, Jen, for the perfect story!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gneedy Gned

Meet Gneedy Gned. This little guy is always thinking of himself. "Who can I help today?" or "Does anygnome want to smile for ME?" or "Who would like to have some of MY flowers?" are all common things he considers. But why, Gned? Why be so gneedy? He stands up straight and bold, making himself as big as he possibly can and says, "Because thinking about ME and how I might be able to make the garden a better place, makes ME feel warm and fuzzy inside and everygnome knows there's no better feeling than fuzzy!" I realize it's a little selfish of him, but honestly I think he might have a good point. Don't you?

Another gnome for me. I'm starting to get selfish here.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

To a gnome, there are few things luckier than butterflies, especially the tiny fluttery sort. It is said that if a butterfly kisses you then you will have a life time of success at whatever you want to do. And so it is not uncommon to see the wee folk lounging about in the butterfly fields hoping for a quick little peck. But look what's happening now! All the butterflies are gathering around one tiny little gnomeling! Her parents are so thrilled with her arrival (they've waited such a long while), and like any parent, they want her future filled with love and adventure (two great measures of success) so they brought her here to see... perhaps one butterfly might get close enough? By the looks of it, that is no problem. The wee gnomeling squeals with delight at the fluttering chaos around her. Surely it's a sign that this baby has a bright future ahead of her! It's obvious she's loved by all, and that's a good start.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gninja of Rainbows

Oh sure we've all heard the tales of leprechauns hiding their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I doubt you have heard about the gninja who put the rainbow there in the first place. And he, of course, takes that as a sign that he is doing his job well. It is this little fella's responsibility to place the rainbow in the right part of the sky for optimal brightness, and trust me that it is by far easier said than done. The gninja has to place the rainbow while remaining undetected by anyone - a task that requires strength, acrobatic agility, wit and patience. To face his challengers (ranging from storm clouds to greedy leprechaun followers) he relies on his Martial Arts training, of which Taekwondo is his favorite. And though he gets no credit for his efforts, it is enough to know that he is building a better and more peaceful world - something that all gninjas strive to achieve.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outside the Box

If there is one thing this gnomette would love doing more than anything else, it would be to stay close to her nest and spend the entire day with her wee family. Alas, even gnomes have to complete their tasks and always try to put on a happy face to do so. And so it goes, this gnomette spends the day in a strange garden with cubes as far as the eye can see! She always tries to encourage those around her to think outside the box, to come up with the most creative solutions to even the smallest of challenges. And when she feels like she is starting to lose her color and blend in with her neutral surroundings, she heads outside into the sun. This renews her energy and restores her vibrance. Sometimes the best way to "think out of the box" is to actually THINK outside of the CUBE!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Vanilla

This sweet little bean has such a calming effect on everygnome around him. If he is nearby, then the air is filled with the scent of vanilla and everything just seems peaceful. You find yourself slowing down just a little, breathing just a little deeper, and then suddenly you feel like you can relax just a little. And then a lot. What an amazing little talent he has! So he wanders the land, searching for little gnookes and crannies that may need to be reminded to stop and smell the flowers, hoping to put his talent to good use. And now look at what he has found! A gnursery for a gnew baby? What a perfect home for a gnome like himself! If there is one thing a gnew Mommy gneeds, it's a moment of peaceful tranquility. And if there is one thing this gnome would love to do, it would be to a part of the little gnomeling's world. It's a perfect match!

This gnome is for me. No, we're not expecting. Actually it is the gnome I would have made for myself when we first did Ellie's nursery. We wanted a peaceful nursery, one that had a calming effect on us, so we ended up with a very neutral theme of browns and creams. We kept the same colors for Addie's nursery, though we changed the theme from sheep to stars. This **IS** the custom gnome I would want for myself. I love him. I'm going to keep him. He's mine all mine! Back off!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Antique Veronique

Meet Antique Veronique. Don't let her name fool you - this little lady is full of energy and life. The other gnomes in the community lovingly gave her the nickname because she loves LOVES LOVES to search for old treasure. Her favorite past-time is to sneak into the auction houses and look for bargains. She's never certain what she's looking for, but when she finds it she KNOWS right away. Most of the other gnomes don't have an eye for old stuff, but when they see the magic Antique Veronique can do to bring an old rusty item back to life, they certainly appreciate her talent. And now, as she hustles past a crowd of gnomes, they can't help but giggle at the sight of her carrying so much stuff, but it's obvious that Antique Veronique is quite excited about the treasure she has found today!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gnight Gnight Gnomie

This little fella has had a very long day and is so sleepy! It's time to wash up, put on his favorite polka-dotted jammies and head to bed. But wait! Where is his lovie? He absolutely CAN NOT sleep without his beloved lovie. Oh, there he is... as soft and cuddly as he ever was. I'm sure there's no convincing him that anything is softer than his lovie, and by the look of comfort in his eyes it's obvious that there isn't anything he cherishes more. There is nothing better than watching a little gnomeling fall asleep with the look of security and love in his drooping eyes. Gnight gnight, little gnomie. Sweet dreams.

I made this little guy for an Etsy friend of mine who makes beautiful security blankets for children. I modeled the PJs from Ellie's favorite pair of polka dotted PJs, but I'm afraid he looks more like a clown than a little gnomeling wearing jammies. Perhaps if I had done stars and a moon? Or would that have made him look more like a wizard? None the less, I hope he is loved.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wee Button

This wee-est of wee ones is one of the newest arrivals to the gnome community, and she is already so very loved. Look at her wee flowers and wee nose. She is as cute as a button! Certainly you've never seen anything cuter? Her mommy and daddy definitely think so and even her big brother knows how lucky they are to have her join their nest. Congrats Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother! As the Gnomish blessing goes: May you always be a wee ahead of your wee one so your wee one may never wee on you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter Posse

Meet the Easter Posse. These brave little souls were chosen by the community to ensure no one is breaking the laws of Easter. They're tasked to go round up all the Easter misfits so that the holiday goes as smoothly as possible. But there's just one problem... even the bravest of gnomes knows very little about confrontation, so when they hear a twig snap in the woods they quickly put their plan into action before even confirming the source of the sound. The gnome disguised as a bunny does what bunnies do best - he hops away. The carrot fella does what carrots do best - he sticks his head in the sand so that all you can see are his feet and tail. And the egg boy? Well, what do eggs do best? Hatch? Now, wait just a minute... that was NOT in the job description!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Gnurse at Heart

To say that this gnomette is "caring" just doesn't do her enough justice. She has always been the one who willingly steps up and takes care of those around her. She has, and continues to, care for three generations! Where does she keep all that energy? And that's not all there is to this bitty soul - she's full of contradicting traits to keep you on your toes! She's sentimental and strong-minded, serious and fun-loving, self-sacrificing and yet demands her own freedom. Doesn't all that sound just gnometastic? You never need to worry that you have a best friend when you have her near by. At the very least, you never have to worry about singing alone if she's within hearing distance!

This little one is for my husband's aunt and I can't take credit for all the compliments written in her story. My mother-in-law apparently couldn't stop with the compliments when I asked her for some ideas. They just went on and on...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mmmmm.... Cookie Dough!

Do you smell that? Oh how I love walking in to the smell of freshly baked cookies, especially if there is left over cookie dough! There might not be anything better than warm goey cookies! And this wee fella couldn't agree more. In fact, it seems like he's always baking cookies. And the impressive thing is that he doesn't always have the right ingredients! Missing sugar? Perhaps you're running low on flour? That wouldn't stop this sweet soul from making delicious morsels of some sort. No siree! He knows the secret ingredient to fantastic cookies is not sugar... it's love. Doh! Now the secret is out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Believe in Unicorns

You may not believe in the magic of unicorns, but those in the gnome community have no doubts that magical creatures exist. Afterall, if the unicorn doesn't exist, then doesn't that mean gnomes don't exist either? What nonsense. Look at this little gnome. You can see her with your very own eyes and touch her with your very own fingers. Of course she exists! In fact, if you asked her... she might even try to convince you that she also used to be a unicorn. She might say something along the lines of how they had to turn her into a gnome in order to save her, and by doing so they replaced her horn with a flower. Who is this "they" she speaks of? I don't think we'll ever know, but I'm sure the story is true. After all, she has the flower to prove it, right?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Legend of the Gninja Gnome

Legend has it that Gnome Gninjas sneak into your life when you least expect them. They may appear in your pencil cup or flying on your ceiling fan. Some have claimed to find them in the next roll of toilet paper or in between the carrots in the fridge. There is usually no explanation accompanied with a gninja gnome. According to the Gnomish legends, it is for the finder to figure out why the gninja is there. It is initially a moment of silly surprise, followed by a more lasting contemplative existence. When their job is done, the finder is meant to hide the ninja gnome for the next person...

This fella is the result of a "bid" I'm putting in for someone who contacted me through my shop. Taryn should get credit for the idea (though the spelling is mine... lol) and even the words. I love the idea and I hope her plans for these little guys lead to fantastic photos and adventures. If she chooses me, and if we can work something out, I'll be sure to give you more details. I'm quite excited!

Oh, and I was curious what he would look like with feet, so here you go. Much to my surprise, I think this is a case where the gnome looks better without the big feet. I like the simplicity and I think the feet adds too much color.

Well... wish me luck on the bid... and we'll see what happens!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flower Power

When this wee gnomette started proudly wearing her peace signs, she quickly became very popular among her friends. They all thought that her idea to love all creatures, big and small was simply gnometastic! Her friends have always known her to be a fun-loving little sprite with lots of energy, a gnomette who can never get enough of playing basketberry or swimming in the nearby puddle. But most of all, they know her as a real sweetheart - so loving that she's just as sweet as the ripe berries in the garden. And that's why her bright energetic flowers and peace signs are just perfect for her! Perhaps she'll start a new fashion trend?

This was another custom order for my Etsy shop! The buyer wanted it for her peace-loving 9 year old daughter. I love how it turned out!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Secret to Life

This wee gnomette has discovered the secret to a happy and long life. Graham crackers and olives! You heard me. If you haven't tried that combination before, then you don't know what you're missing! A little sweet and a little tangy - it's just the right combination for a life full of adventures. It's hard to imagine how life can get any better. Oh wait? What's that, wee one? Oh my! It appears as though she has discovered something more - a tiny something that will make life even more grand. How can it be possible? Oh, please do share your secret with us, wee one!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunny and Moonbeam

These two little ones have always been the best of friends even if they don't get to see each other very often. They both have jobs that keep them so busy and it just seems like their schedules simply don't line up! Sunny works all day long making sure the plants in the garden are arranged for the optimal sun exposure. And Moonbeam? He is in charge of making sure the plants don't get too cold once the moon comes out at night. As you can imagine, it's difficult for these two to have any time together, but the best part of their friendship is that when they do get to see each other (once in a new moon, of course), it's like they were never apart. They can always pick up right where they left off, and that's what true friendship is about.

Here's another set of gnomes that I made because I couldn't find what I was looking for months ago. I like them a lot! And I love the feet. BTW, their story was inspired by my favorite children's song on Youtube.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Four Seasons

It's hard to imagine but there was once a time when these four little souls did not get along very well. At least not in gnome standards. They were even known to send each other gnot-so-gnice looks every now and then! Gasp! The horror! The problem was that they each felt like the others were getting in their way. Spring's duty was to protect and nurish seedlings so that they could eventually grow into beautiful flowers. Summer was in charge of maintaining the flower beds and keeping everygnome happy with bright sunny days. Autumn was responsible for gathering the harvest while still trying to find time to clean old growth off of the trees. And it was Winter's job to keep the air cool and crisp and to inspect the snowflakes to ensure they were each unique. As you can imagine, it was hard for them to all work together, until one day they had a brilliant idea! Let's take turns! So now when Spring is working hard to nurish the fragile new life, the other three sit back and take a mini-vacation knowing that soon it will be their turn to work hard. I think it's a brilliant idea, don't you?

OMG! I LOVE these guys. They're bigger than many of my gnomes but I really like how they turned out. I've wanted to make these for a long long time. In fact, this was a concept I suggested to another Etsy seller but for whatever reason she never did it.

This set makes me happy because:
1. I LOVE the rainbow gnome. The rainbows may be one of my favorite things to put on a gnome.
2. I really like how bright the poppies are.
3. I love how the autumn one kind of looks like a gord. I may have to consider that as a take on my fruit gnomes.
4. I really like how each fella has a different 3D item stuck to him. Especially the leaves.
5. I have such a hard time picking which season is my favorite! Why choose? Why not all four???

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pay it Forward

Have you noticed the magic that happens when you do something nice for someone you may not even know? Oh! If so then you know how invigorating it can be! It leaves you feeling like you're floating on air, and this wee fellow can't get enough of that feeling. He searches for ways to lighten anygnome's day, whether big or small, it matters little. As long as he can bring a smile to another gnome's face then it it's well worth the effort. Speaking of which, have you given your smile to anyone today?

Here's another little fellow who I made to cheer myself up. I'm giving him to a complete stranger. Happy. Happy. I'm always trying to make my gnomes more and more different and this time I added feet! Me thinks me likes! He is SOOOO SOOO CUTE!!! Feet may just end up being a requirement on future gnomes. We'll see...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pick-Me-Up Buttercup

Every now and then I have a bad day. I'm sure you do too. But that's what this tiny lady is for. Meet Buttercup - she wonders the garden searching for anygnome who seems a little down and might need a pick-me-up. She's so cheerful and full of optimism that she can't keep it all to herself. And the best part is that she knows that a bright attitude is contageous. Spend a moment with Buttercup and you can't help but cheer up. Listen to her motto: Smile! Life is good. Indeed, little Buttercup, indeed. Thanks for the reminder.

Surprise! I was having a bad day last week and to make up for it I decided to make a gnome for someone I don't know. It worked like a charm.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This wee lass knows that life is good. She can feel it deep inside her tiny body. She looks around her and can't help but smile at what she sees. Whether it be the shamrocks from the clover fields or even the acorns from the oak trees - it all just makes her warm and fuzzy inside. And she loves to feel fuzzy! So she tries to surround herself with such beauty no matter where she goes. And if she happens to pass somegnome along her travels, she's sure to cheerfully greet them with a Gnomish Blessing: May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go!

This is my second custom order and I LOVE how it turned out. I was nervous about doing a Celtic knot, but I really like it! I kind of want to keep her for myself!