Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Truth About Unicorns

You may gnot believe in unicorns, but those in the Gnomish community have gno doubts that they exist. Unicorn hunters from across the garden may search for these special souls without much luck, but to say they don't exist? What gnonsense! Look at this beautiful lady! You can see her with your very own eyes and touch her with your very own fingers. Of course she exists! I'll let you in on a secret. Wanna know the truth about unicorns? They live life to the fullest and love without any limits! The secret to catching such a mystical soul is to do the same in return. And with this fuzzy soul in particular? You'd increase your chances if you love to dance. Gno doubt this lady is a dancing fool. She loves to dance and simply takes advantage of every opportunity of every song with a good beat. She applies that same love for the moment in all areas of her life. Ask anygnome from her great big gnetwork of old Gnomish friends, and they'd tell you that she she enjoys her life to the fullest and has gnever been happier. Loving with gno end seems to have that effect on happiness. If you ask me, she is onto something there. Those closest to her love her for being HER and gnot for anything she does for them or even anything they may have in common. They simply love her because she's a good soul who embraces a life that brings more love into the garden. And the garden is better for it.

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